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an award-winning production company that brings cinematic storytelling to the social impact space. Our films give voice to communities and movements that deserve the world’s attention. 

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As a true boutique, we are committed to producing film festival quality work with unrivaled efficiency and integrity. Generous Films is a proud member of the Clean Creatives and Purpose Collaborative networks, where we leverage the power of creativity to drive positive change. 




Christine Arena

Founder & Producer


Julio Palacio


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William Atherton



Generous Films and 3M Win Best Documentary

Generous Films and 3M Win Gold and Silver


3M's Skilled'Subjects Discuss Skilled Trades at Sundance

Vivica A. Fox Hosted 3M's Docuseries Skilled

Vivica A. Fox Wants You To Know That Trade Professions Still Deserve Love

Vivica Fox 'Honored' to Host Sundance World Premiere of Skilled


Former PR Exec Christine Arena Makes the Earth Her Client

"Not the Science Type" Selected as SABRE Awards North America 2022 Winner

Generous Founder Christine Arena Urges Agencies to Address Climate Disinformation

"Not the Science Type" Selected as Among the Best in Brand-Funded Films

"Not the Science Type" Aims to Shatter STEM Stereotypes

"Not the Science Type" Breaks Down Barriers for Latina Women

Q&A With "Not the Science Type's" Dr. Jessica Taaffe

"Not the Science Type" In Competition for Best Documentary Short

Women Love Tech

Meet Christine Arena, Producer of "Not the Science Type"

Why Big Companies Like DoorDash, 3M and HP Are Making Films

The Changing Face of Science is Changing the Pace of Science

15-Year-Old Scientist Encourages All People to Embrace Science Ahead of Docuseries Premiere

"Not the Science Type" Scientist Talks About Her Career and Film

In Docuseries "Not the Science Type," Trailblazing Women Buck Stereotypes

Science-Focused Film Series Offers Lessons on Breaking Through the Noise 

Film Reclaims Original Vision of Earth Day and Sets a New Tone for the Next 50 Years

The Distinct Burden of Being a Climate Scientist 

The Weather Channel Partners with Let Science Speak to Give Scientists Their Say

Docuseries Explores the Intersection Between Science and Faith

New Film Series Says 'Let Science Speak' and Humanizes Scientists

Let Science Speak Features Score by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump 

Let Science Speak Premieres on the Big Screen During the Tribeca TV Festival



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